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macro photography with point and shoot camera

Sunday, June 1, 2008

macro photography is one of favorite subject in photography. but take the picture is not easy and expensive. taking macro photography should be a closer as you can get. but most of old point and shoot camera are not well prepared to take a macro camera. DSLR will be more expensive because we have to buy extra Macro lens. but now some point and shoot camera are able to take until 4 cm close.

how if your camera dont have ability to take a macro picture?

the idea are came form magnifier glass or lens for glasses for
Get the Glass
the most easier is using magnifier glass because it is asy to get and cheaper. just place it in front of your camera lens and you will be able to take a shoot closer. the bigger magnifier ability, you can get closer. the problem is magnifier lens dont have a good quality. if you want a better result try a Plus lens that usually use by old people. in this lens type you can make a simple calculate just how close can you get. Close-up lenses are described by a diopter number that indicates how close your lens can get to the subject, in units of fractions of a meter. For example, a lens marked +12 will let you get within 1/12 of a meter (or within just 8 centimeters).

Mount the Camera for Best Results
So now you have a close-up lens attached to the camera and are ready to shoot, right? Well, almost. Shooting one inch away from a subject is tricky, because the lens has very little tolerance for being even a little too far or too close to the object. If you move out of that one-inch in-focus area, your object will quickly get soft. This means that to take really good shots you need to mount your camera on a tripod.