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night scene photography, blurry????

Sunday, June 1, 2008

a night scene photography is intresting idea, but most case we got a problem, blurry. we cant chase the need of light by using our flash, it cant fill the whole scene anyway. so turn it off

As the light goes down, however, your exposures will get longer, which means you have to look out for camera shake. Here are a few ways to combat shake so you get crisp images, even in low light:

Increase your ISO setting from 100 to 200.

You can go up to 400 if you need to, but you will have more noise in your shots at the higher rating. Often, this isn't a big problem for street shooting, because the gritty look seems to work with this type of subject material. Generally speaking, though, don't increase your ISO setting any more than you have to.

Lean against buildings and other solid structures to steady your shots.

You'll be surprised at what a difference this can make. Push your body weight against the building and lock your elbows against your body. Squeeze the shutter button; don't punch it. Your shots will be much sharper.

Bring along a pocket tripod,for best result.