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an analoque camera??? a different vision

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

its been along time since my last post. its wasnt because i didnt make any photo. but my vison was  changed. i start to get bored with a digital camera. it just need a little brain to operate, all are depend on the camera it self. all you have to do was more practice in composition and it make you perfect. i guess just past 2000 frame than you get average result of amateur photographer. the quality was more depend on your camera.

bored, yup, i got bored with digital. i need more control on my photo. and i not just a photographer who likes mighty gear. but i want to made my gear by my own. and i found it in film camera.

start with a pentax K1000, i took 2 roll of picture. wewww, i dont like it. is too hard for me, i need a small one. than i bought a petri half. weeewww its to small, the quality wasnt good enough. than i bought a fujica STX. i loved this small SLR, not too heavy. but the lens are made me sick to find some. i only have 28mm and 50mm x mount. then i got my canonet QL 17 generation 2. this is the camera that i need for everyday travel. full manual control, good lens, very easy to operate and not too heavy but not too light either. and the most i loved is, the fast and acurate focusing camera. its have auto but mine is broken. i dont need that thing anyway. if  i want auto why dont i took my digital camera? its easier and cheaper.

full manual control including metering, since all of my camera except K1000 have a broken metering system. start to train my feeling, and start to make a diy project for analoque camera. hope someone will enjoy my project.