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My kodak digital infrared

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I’ve heard that an old digital camera have more sentive sensor to Infrared, so I decide to seek that kind old camera. Seek at local internet market, somebody sold a Kodak CX6330 with price about $25, its only 3.1 Megapixel, a very small sensor, compared with newest camera, it also broken on battery compartment.

I bought it and test it. Its run well, even it have been used for 2000 times, and battery compartment can be fixed by sealed with tape.

Do the test, and I can see the quality of old digital camera, of course it is less than my Fuji S700, and the file size is so small. Very small only 500Kb, compared with my S700 that can reach 3Mb.

That not what I am looking for. I seek for a Infrared sensitive camera. So I use my Hitech Infrared double filter, and the result is good, very good for a $25 camera, and idont have to do any modification.

The result is amazingly fast, with double filter, it can reach speed 1/8 sec, and even 1/20 sec depend on sunlight . with help of optical viewfinder, I can take a picture handheld. Its good. And if I remove the filter , I got an absolutely normal camera, the result are acceptable too.

before processing

after processing

Why double filter? Actually I cut my hitech Infrared filter and put it double, so I can get a white leaves instead of yellow. Its looks very good on BW. here is the example

converted in bw, using xnview

seem i need to do more practice with this filter an take a short trip off from my town, to get a better picture, but for now i already enjoy it.


  • joe smith says:
    November 5, 2015 at 6:31 PM

    Have the same camera with kodak 87 infrared filter and there is no change to infrared. Any suggestions.