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BLEACH THE FILM, using bleach for fabric, hi hi hi

Saturday, December 26, 2009

my holiday experiment,
i had a holiday, and i stuck in my house because of rain, can't do anything in photography. so i turn on the internet to waste my time, when i read some article in BW photo, i read about bleaching. i made an misunderstanding about the term of bleaching. it should be reducing method. reducing mean we reduce the thickness of silver emulsion on film. this condition are film with overexposure or over developed process. the result when we print it will be too bright and lost detail.

so the crazy idea is, just take the bleach and bleach the film. a bleach, usually used for shirt or fabric. just mix it with 10 part of water. and shake the film on this solution.
before "bleaching"

after "bleaching"

its looks better, its a stupid success i guess. but it have a better result but with some down qualty of film. the solution is not good smell bad and make my hand itchy. so i try another method.