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build my parodinal and my own fixer for developing BW film

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parodinal a homade film developer, why i made it?, Because i start to get dizzy with my behavior, like to cut film and only develop 4 or 5 frame. actually its ok, but it became expensive in chemical for developing film. i just use local developer, just 70cent and you can use it for 1 liter solution. the problem is, whether you develop 4 frame or 36 frame, the damage on developer is the same, not only because of silver that exhaust the developer, its also get oxidized by air. its make the developer turn bad after reuse 3 or 4 time.for finishing 36 frame cost me higher than the film it self. so i decide to make my own developer.

firt try to make d23 but, sorry, i cant find metol, its mean i cant make any of developer using metol, so my decision turn on rodinal, sorry i cant find it here, i must order it from outside of my country and its definetely cost me too much.

so i find a recepies, a parodinal, a developer made by mixing paracetamol, sodium hidroxide and sodium sulfite.

here is the recepies

Parodinal film developerWater 250 ml
Acetaminophen 30x 500mg tablets
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 50 g
Sodium Hydroxide (anhydrous) 20 g

Mixing instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence. LET STAND IN SEALED CONTAINER 72 HOURS BEFORE USING

Dilution: as Rodinal

Starting point development time: as Rodinal

Notes: Keep crystals from bottom of container with liquid when decanting, stir before drawing off concentrate for dilution. Use within 30 mins of dilution. Acetaminophen is sold as Paracetamol or Tylenol and is available from any pharmacy.

Please note that this formula has a maximum shelf life of 90 days.
( taken form digital thruth website)

i follow it exactly as it is. and the easies thing is

the weight of material can be measured with cake scales. its not as dificult as making d76.
you can find all the material in drug store and chemical store, all the material are easy to find, and not use for photography only. its all wide useable. and all so cheap, it cost me $1,5 for parodinal and fixer, and i still have lot of spare. its minimal quantity i can buy.

well the result, its not a fine grain, but its work well, dilute 1:50 means you can use it for develop more than 35 roll.

here is the example taken with ricoh KR5 and BW film expired 05, i have to compensate to iso 50 while the film are iso 100

a little note about parodinal,

1, It doesn't run well with acid stop bath just use a clean water for stop bath.
2. better use plain fixer not acid fixer.

here is my fixer formula ( widely use material, not only for photography, you can find it in chemical store, i bought it together with the parodinal material)
250gr sodium thiosulfate mix it with warm water 750 ml, after diluted add
50gr sodium sulfite, mix it.
than add water to make 1 liter solution.

for developer and fixer, only cost me $1.5 doesnt it soo cheap? and the best thing.. it still can make a nice picture even with expired film.


  • Sigit Yudha Prakosa says:
    February 13, 2011 at 3:35 AM

    Om, hehehe...salam kenal. saya dikasih link ke sini sama om padma61ta di kaskus.

    mau tanya nih om, saya udah mulai fanikkk nih micro mf ama acifix langka sekarang. nah pas baca2 ni blog weihh ada tuh ramuan bikin develop ama fixer sendiri. mau coba jadinya.

    nah yang masih saya bingung om padma61ta bilang metode develop pake cara stand dev yah. wah saya belom pernah pake metode itu. biasa pake metode agitasi. boleh tau gimana sih step-step stand developing itu, pake parodinal sama fixer DIY seperti om sebut diatas.

    trus ada lagi nih tadi om padma61ta menyebutkan gini :

    "1:100 ( 4 ml dicampur air jadi 400 ml )
    kalau film di jepret sesuai dengan iso nya ( stand dev 1 jam )
    1 menit awal inversi trus di diemkan sampai 1 jam.

    kalau film di push ( semi stand dev 2 jam )
    1 menit awal inversi
    tiap 30 menit di puter kayak goyang gelas anggur ( jangan inversi )"

    maksud dari INVERSI itu apa sih?

    itu dulu deh om, maaf kalo borongan nanyanya yah heh hehehe.



  • shadeofsneaker says:
    February 22, 2011 at 8:37 AM

    waduh, ngaa nyangka dah lama nga liat blog ada yg comment juga. sepengetahuanku stand dev ngaa bakal bisa dengan parodinal :p seingatku sih parodinal akan rusak setelah 30 menit sementara stand dev prosesnya cukup lama, ada yg sampe satu jam. stand dev itu artinya film nya dimasukin ke kimia lalu dibiarin smpe lama. ngaa perlu diputer ato diinversi. parodinal, rodinal tidak cocok buat stand dev
    inversi itu maksudnya dibalik tabungnya agar kimianya bergerak sama dengan kalo tabung dev sekarang diputar tuasnya. kalo tabung dev nya yg baru yg ada putarannya yaa ngaa perlu inversi cukup diputar saja( cm orang biasa bilang inversi karena tradisi masa lalu)aku ngaa pernah stand dev, ngaa sabar.. btw aku juga sudah lama banget nga pake analog. sekarang sibuk banget jadi ngaa sempat utak atik. kalo mo nasihat yg komplit silahkan kontak oom thinker di kaskus. dia yg paling konsisten dan suka percobaan dengan film BW.salam BW ( duh jd kangen nih ma BW ma temen2 kaskus )