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reducing process using cheap material

Saturday, December 26, 2009

so i ask mu friend for my first experiment in "bleaching" LOL and he give me a recipes form his book. he never try before. the recipes is
solution A :
- Kalium permanganat 52.5 gram
- water 1.000 ml
mix it

solution B:
-Sulfuric Acid (concentrated) 32 gram
- water 1.000 ml
mix it.

than mix both of solutions with 1:1 or depend on your need. more solution B makes the effect harder.

from his recipes i know that the material are simple to find, i use calcius permaganat instead of kalium permanganat. that thing can be find on local drug store as a medicines
sulfuric acid, well we can find it on local paint shop or chemical store easily.

so after i got the material, i make my solution.
be honest my solution are totally blind composition, no scales at all, all just made from estimation, if it fail just wasted it, i just cost me less than $1. in my country these material are cheap.
the result
before process

after process

well its looks diiferent
the method are same with the " BLEACHING" in my earlier post. but for this time no shake, no smell, and not made my hand itchy. Its look better for a film with over exposed or over developed process