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cheaper & easier wide lens using -12 dioptri lens for glasses

Saturday, May 16, 2009

i try to made a simpler wide lens using a -12 dioptri, usually it use for glasses. why because the material is easier to find, dont have to broke lens like my previous DIY, and i got a bigger lens, so i dont have to remove the vignettes.

my wide angle

build it, is so simple, all you need is a cheap -12 dioptry lens, just one, it only cost me 5$, a empty filter ring( is optional, actually you just need your hand to hold the lens, but you wont be able to add another filter).

just cheap -12 dioptri lens and empty filter ring

put a filter ring in top of lens hold it with tape and glue it, i used a glue gun , but burned with candle so i can get more glue.

the result , he he he

i do the test with composition my wide lens, a CPL then to my S700. AF wont work so switch to macro mode. than everything is ok.so i guess my DIY only run for pocket and prosummer, not SLR because they dont have very short macro mode.

no wide lens 35mm equivalent

with wide lens, beware with your finger, its have wide coverage

no wide lens

with wide lens

all photo have no crop, just resize

the result is acceptable for me, litle bit blur on side, but is ok for just 5$.

PS: this only work on pocket and prosummer camera. on DSLR, its cannot focus.