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Build your own 46mm to 52 mm filter adapter

Saturday, April 4, 2009

built it, why?

a have tried to find filter for S700, 46 wide filter, and it's not easy for me. the only available are UV and CPL with it's not a good brand, and i have to buy it in capital city of indonesia. is different when i seek for 52mm filter, is available in every profesional camera shop.
try to find 46-52 step up ring, were more crazy, i 've seek it for a mounth, no one have it in indonesia, and always get a question " way you need that such a weird thing?. maybe i can buy it from internet in the world but a guess the shipment price are higher than the ring it self.

i talk to a used camera seller in my city, and he dont have that " weird thing" too. but he offer me a solution, made it. he show me hundred of used filter most of it weird,funged, unclear etc. but i find a broken soligor 46 ring and funged unclear hoya 52mm CPL, and hoya 80c 52mm ring . so i bought it with big hope i can make a step up ring.

first step was remove all glass.

second step was think how to connect it, is not just enter the 46 to 52 because it not fit enough, so i seperate the cpl ring into 2 part and connect the 46mm to the front part with inside screw,so i can attach the other 52 mm fiter in front of 46mm filter.

it work well, and i got better benefit, i got step up 46-52mm with still have ability to receive 46mm filter, because soligor 46 have inner and outside screw,
thanks God.

now i can attach my 52mm CPL in front of my fuji S700, and for the 80c 52mm i removed the glass and changed it with tianya solid red filter.

it all just for 3$