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Saturday, April 4, 2009

why do i chose S700/S5700, above all reason there is one big reason, electronic viewfinder (EVF), the S700 is the cheapest camera with EVF. i have two pocket camera before and both don't have EVF, EVF is a small lcd display and have a same function like the larger lcd bellow it. is important thing to compose, focusing an object and take a photograph.

why EVF?, because using larger LCD below are confusing when the day is to bright. there are always some reflection seen on LCD and it make our composition go wrong, how can we got a good picture while we can't see it correctly?.

the second thing is our position. without EVF you must hold your camera with two hand to prevent shake, and the camera have to a little bit far away from your eyes so you can see the LCD correctly. in my opinion there wont be a good picture because our position are not very stable. its different when you use EVF, so you can place the EVF exactly in front of your left or right eyes, your hand are close to your body to prevent hand shake, and your head are give extra stability for your camera.this position are been used for all serious photographer. i never get a acceptable picture in speed 1/10 in my pocket camera without EVF, but i can get acceptable picture even in speed 1/5 with EVF ( i said acceptable not a good picture LOL). the different is so big for me.

the third, i have found it after i got my S700, is low power consumption. while i use my pocket camera i have to change my alkaline battery for less than a week, it was so uneconomic reason, so i bought recharge battery, the problem are solved but i have to recharge it, also there was a memory effect. but after i got my S700 i never use recharge battery, i depend on the EVF even in previewing my picture, the result is very economic, i change my alkaline battery for more than 1 mounth, now i depend on 4 AA alkaline batery, cheap, powerfull, no memory effect,we can find it anywhere and dont need extra work.

previewing with EVF? a small LCD? why not. you can see a better picture when see it an bigger LCD below. is good, so good and i guest, its little bit fake. even a ugly camera can provide a good picture if it displayed on 4" LCD, but after transfered to computer you will see all the mistake. so see it and the smaller LCD dont have a big different isn't? just after take some photo, transfer it to the computer and do necessary process.