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Use Sunglasses as a Polarizing Filter

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Use Sunglasses as a Polarizing Filter

Chances are, you have a high-quality polarizing filter with you at all times, right under your nose. (Actually, it's sitting on your nose.)

Next to a fully charged battery and a huge memory card, a polarizing filter is the digital photographer's best friend. It reduces unsightly glare, deepens the richness of skies, and improves overall color saturation.

The problem for most shooters on the go is that they don't always have their full kit of accessories with them. And many point-and-shoot cameras don't even provide a way to attach an external filter, even if you wanted to.

is it a big problem, Not at all!!.
Your solution is just a sunglasses! Great lighting usually results in good photographs, with or without filtration. But sometimes you want to enhance an already good lighting situation. Often, polarization is the perfect solution. If you don't have a polarizing filter with you, try your sunglasses, especially in very bright daylight shoot. You might be surprised by the results.