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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Made a wide lens using a broken 58 mm lens

S700 don’t have wide lens, its only 38mm on widest range and its some time not enough for landscape and city photography. So i tried to made the the converter because to buy it, are so expensive for the high quality lens, not compared with the price of the camera it self.

All I know, place a negatif lens, made the lens wider, I have tried with my sister -7 glasses, It made a more wide view in my camera, but not so wide. Maybe with -14 lens will make a wide lens. I don’t know, I never try.

But I have a lens, Minolta MC rokkor 58 mm, I bought it just for fun, because it already funged, not clear, not work at all. Just bought it for 5$.

So i open up the lens, separate all part and get many lens. The funged part are on front and rear lens, the lens inside is still clear.

I got a very negative lens, it make very wide view, even a fish eyes look, so I attached to my lens and auto focus was not working, I changed to macro mode and its able to focus. It is mean the camera focus on the view in lens not through the lens. It looks so wide and purpled fringe, blur on the corner.
Here is the result

So I don’t happy with this experiment and I add another lens on the back of positive lens, a lens with the highest magnifier.

The result is cool enough, its not too wide but also reduce lens distortion, better look and focusing through the lens, not the view on lens. Its still blurr on the edge, not as sharp as without additional lens. But I am happy enough because I can take a photograph with angle that I can’t take it before.
Here the result

No wide lens
This picture is not just the test, if we use pocket or prosummer kamera the result will be like this because you cant move back. I aready lean on wall to get the wider photo

With my wide lens
Vignettes, blur on edge, CA, lens distortion but I still can take all the church picture

Still not very good, he he he

Don’t use it if it not necessary. But I am happy with this additional lens. It will help me a lot.

The lens is look like this

here are my other result

no wide lens with grad filter

with wide lens and grad filter

no wide lens

with wide lens

no wide lens

with wide lens

Just be carefull don’t make your additional lens scratch your original lens, he he he. My additional lens have 1 cm distance from my original lens for safety.